• fig sesame balls

    Healthy snack: Figs & sesame balls

    Love figs, but lately I was looking for an alternative way to eat them, maybe mixing them with some other ingredients in order to enhance its natural flavor. I think this recipe totally gets…

    8 February, 2016
  • el refugio de cristal montes de toledo

    Relaxing trip to Montes de Toledo, Spain

    During the weekend I had the chance of doing a quick relaxing trip to this fantastic place in Montes de Toledo and to live two days of true relax in the middle of nature.…

    1 February, 2016
  • bizcocho de algarroba sin gluten ni lacteos

    Carob cake, gluten free and dairy free

    For Christmas I looked for a special recipe for those who can not eat chocolate but miss it. Carob is a great chocolate substitute, it gives a rich chocolaty touch to everything, even to the appearance since…

    29 December, 2015
  • healthy christmas

    5 Healthy things to do over Christmas

    Suddenly we are on Christmas, and what can be better than use the holidays in order to have some rest, relax and to do any activity that brings us some joy, such as meeting friends you normally hardly see and spend…

    22 December, 2015
  • paleo restaurant copenhaguen

    Paleo restaurant in Copenhaguen

    If you travel to Copenhaguen you have to drop by the paleo restaurant “Palaeo Copenhaguen“, a small but cozy coffee restaurant with a large offer in gluten free, sugar free, non processed food dishes. Everything…

    27 November, 2015
  • bizcocho de platano sin gluten the food therapy

    Banana teacake gluten free

    Sometimes we crave for something sweet with the tea or coffee. This natural homemade banana teacake is perfect for those moments, with its fluffy texture and incredible taste. Great for those with sensitivities: gluten free,…

    2 November, 2015
  • escapada al Mont Saint-Michel the food therapy

    Trip to Saint Michael’s Mount

    In summer, I was lucky to travel to Saint Michael’s Mount, in the french region of Normandy, and didn’t want to miss the chance to talk about my experience since it is a really wonderful, magic…

    27 October, 2015
  • conservas saludables la gijonesa the food therapy
    Healthy Products

    In search of healthy canned food

    Recently I was given this pack of cans and the truth is they are a hit: no sugar or other unhealthy substances added, just preserved in olive oil and salt. Delicious and healthy canned food.…

    24 October, 2015
  • cereales paleo the food therapy

    Pumpkin and ginger gluten free cereals

    A great add to my breakfasts have been this pumpkin and ginger cookies that, cropped in little squares and baked until dehydration, are a perfect healthy alternative to the typical “cereals”.…

    19 October, 2015
  • big food: gastronomía y diseño en el Matadero de Madrid

    Big Food: Gastronomy and design at Matadero, Madrid

    “Big Food, Grrrreat Market” took place from September 25 to September 27 in the Matadero of Madrid. Event in which gastronomy and design joined hands and, through “market stalls”, recognized chefs, young promises, restaurants and designers from Madrid showed us their…

    5 October, 2015