5 Healthy things to do over Christmas

22 December, 2015
healthy christmas

Suddenly we are on Christmas, and what can be better than use the holidays in order to have some rest, relax and to do any activity that brings us some joy, such as meeting friends you normally hardly see and spend more time with family. It is the period of the year that many of us love and others don’t, but anyway, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the free time we got during Christmas.

For that reason I propose 5 Healthy things to do over Christmas:
1. Make your own toothpaste

Following the rule of “not putting on your skin anything you would not eat“, seize the moment to make your own natural toothpaste and avoid fluoride and other toxic chemicals of regular toothpastes. It’s very simple to do, just 4 ingredients, it takes very little time to get it ready and also this does not generate waste.

2. Prepare a healthy and delicious dessert

In everyday’s bustle we often leave the stuff we really want to do on “to do” list. One of these things is usually preparing any of the delicious desserts that we have seen in cooking blogs or TV. I propose this delicious banana gluten free sponge cake, which can be done in a moment and the result is worth it. If we are able to substitute the Christmas sweets, full of refined sugars, by natural homemade desserts like this, the point of this would be greater 😉

3. Make your own blush

Natural cosmetic is healthy, makes you save money and the most important: you will avoid toxins, intolerances and undesirable skin deseases. It is only a matter of time why we never get to make our lotions and creams on hand at home.. So now we can take advantage and make this quick natural blusher with only two ingredients. We can also take advantage and start to show off it at parties and events that await us this Christmas

4. Go out and eat at a healthy place

I’ve always loved eating out, but since I started taking care of my diet it is a little bit more difficult to find healthy places where to have proper meals. In spite of this you don’t have to worry, you just need to do your homework and investigate healthy available choices in your city, in fact they are increasingly, such as the paleo restaurants Palaeo Copenhagen.

This holiday season you can take advantage and find a cool and healthy place to go to please yourself any day at holidays. All in life is a matter of habits, and if we get used to do some research, we will soon have a good list of places where we can go and enjoy the most yummy healthy dishes.

5. Make yourself a good cup of herbal tea

A good habit is to replace sodas and other beverages, full of sugar and chemicals, by natural herbal teas. There are for everyone, even as coffee substitute, like this infusion of cardamom and thyme, apart from being very restorative and help digestion, it boost our energy and tone the body thanks to its Yang character, being a great coffee substitute.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas!

Photo credits: The Holistic Therapy

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