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Carob cake, gluten free and dairy free

29 December, 2015
bizcocho de algarroba sin gluten ni lacteos

For Christmas I looked for a special recipe for those who can not eat chocolate but miss it. Carob is a great chocolate substitute, it gives a rich chocolaty touch to everything, even to the appearance since the result looks like we are eating a bite of the best chocolate cake, this gluten free carob cake is absolutely yummy 😉
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Banana teacake gluten free

2 November, 2015
bizcocho de platano sin gluten the food therapy

Sometimes we crave for something sweet with the tea or coffee. This natural homemade banana teacake is perfect for those moments, with its fluffy texture and incredible taste. Great for those with sensitivities: gluten free, dairy free, grains free, sugar free and eggs free.
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Desserts Recipes

Banana and chocolate cupcakes

9 July, 2015
cupcake chocolate

This is one of my favorite chocolate deserts ever, it may seem there are quite a lot ingredients, but it is pretty easy to make, and it takes so little time. This banana and chocolate cupcakes are a great option for those with gluten, dairy and eggs sensitivities.
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