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Natural perfumes: Inkling Scents

16 November, 2015
perfumes naturales the food therapy

Inkling Scents perfumes and colognes are made with 100% pure fragrance and essential oil, taking care of the skin, avoiding chemicals and being gentle on sensitivities. Plus they last much longer than traditional department store scents.

This is the reason why Inkling Scents has make itself room in the natural products panorama and has been featured in many blogs, magazines and TV shows.

They are alcohol, paraben, phthalate and sulfate free. In addition, they are also cruelty free.

I had been looking for a product like this since long time ago following the rule “Put on your skin just what you would put in your mouth“. Thinking like this we should avoid the most products we can normally find in the traditional department stores. This is the reason I started investigate and discovered this healthy alternative. Among its ingredients we can find essential oils, orange blossom, bergamot, mandarin, cedarwood, vanilla…

You can try the perfume easily helped by its roll-on. I am truly impressed by how long the fragrance last even when you put just a little amount of it on the skin, but as with all fragrances, body chemistry has everything to do with the outcome of the scent and endurance. I must say both fragrances I have tried smell wonderful.

You can find its natural perfumes at Inkling Scents.

perfumes naturales the food therapy

perfumes naturales the food therapy

Photo credits: The Holistic Therapy

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