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Healthy snack: Figs & sesame balls

8 February, 2016
fig sesame balls

Love figs, but recently I have been looking for an alternative way to eat them, maybe mixing them with some other ingredients in order to enhance its natural flavor. I think this recipe totally gets the point, plus it is a really nice healthy snack to offer when you have visits coming over, it is like offering sweet little healthy candies.
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Carob cake, gluten free and dairy free

29 December, 2015
bizcocho de algarroba sin gluten ni lacteos

For Christmas I looked for a special recipe for those who can not eat chocolate but miss it. Carob is a great chocolate substitute, it gives a rich chocolaty touch to everything, even to the appearance since the result looks like we are eating a bite of the best chocolate cake, this gluten free carob cake is absolutely yummy 😉
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Paleo restaurant in Copenhaguen

27 November, 2015
paleo restaurant copenhaguen

If you travel to Copenhaguen you have to drop by the paleo restaurant “Palaeo Copenhaguen“, a small but cozy coffee restaurant with a large offer in gluten free, sugar free, non processed food dishes. Everything is so healthy and so yummy!
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Desserts Recipes

Banana and chocolate cupcakes

9 July, 2015
cupcake chocolate

This is one of my favorite chocolate deserts ever, it may seem there are quite a lot ingredients, but it is pretty easy to make, and it takes so little time. This banana and chocolate cupcakes are a great option for those with gluten, dairy and eggs sensitivities.
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Healthy Products

Ocelot Chocolate

6 July, 2015
chocolate ocelot

What a surprise this chocolate!

Hand made in Edinburgh by Matt and Ish, a newly married couple who left their jobs to pursue their dream of having their own business and making the most delicious confectionery, in the purest way possible, of what they love most: chocolate!

They hand-make everything using the highest grade organic and fair-trade produce. Also, they design all of their packaging and graphic design, which is a plus for buying the chocolate bars. All the artwork behind the brand is really beautiful.

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